Monday, 24 November 2008

From 696

The Cause:

The police in most (if not all) London boroughs have put together a form to be filled in by licensees thinking of promoting a live event. Various details must be filled in to allow the police to get a handle on what type of event it is and what type of crowd it will attract.

The Undertones:

This could eventually lead to full police control over the types of acts that are able to perform, leading to the downfall of free music. This would spell the end of the on-the-spot and flat gigs that we have come to love.

The Reaction:
Although it is early days, a selection of industry professionals and fans have been attempting to organise a gig to attempt to bring light to this issue.
What we need:
Your help and support is needed to help draw attention to and make this event a success.

How to contact us:
Please get in contact if you are an artist/band or willing to help in anyway

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